Sunday, May 3, 2009


saturday me and mike went shooting cause he is taking me turkey hunting. i must say i was pretty dang good. haha ya right i sucked i was aiming like 4 feet above the traget lol. my arms are so sore and i have the biggest bruse on my arm. i cant wait!!!

poor baby sick

my poor lil logan got sick this weekend!!! so last night i was sleeping and i heard logan makin this weird sound. he was getting sick poor little guy!! he has only been able to drink water and pedialite. finally he is starting to feel better!! yay

lake and fishin trips!!!

so i am a tard and put the pics in the wrong order lol
my third fish i look nasty
my first fish

mike and kacey

wow its a fishy i was amazed holdin it. my second fish

my last fish!!!
mike was teachin logan how to drive

gettin into some food

daddy and logan

he wasnt happy just woke up from a nap

mike tryin to fish!!!!
this is a couple of our fishin trips! so we got this new bass tracker boat its mikes new baby! haha and i am the only one who has caught fish on it! i am not aloud on the boat anymore. lol logan loves this thing he has so much fun on it. so do i. it is a great family activity to do!!